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Kevin Robinson

BBandQ started as a “studio” project in Bologna, Italy, in 1980; after Jacques Fred Petrus, Mauro Malavasi, and Davide Romani found musical success with the groups Macho, Peter Jacques Band, and Revanche. The trio had just completed 13 new tracks at Fonoprint Studio, in Bologna, Italy when Jacques Fred Petrus realized that the new songs needed some American flavor added to them, so the trio came to New York City’s Power Station and Media Sound studios to complete the projects. There they teamed up with NYC musicians like Luther Vandross, Terry Silverlight, Paul Slade, and Tanya Willoughby to write lyrics, add vocal and musical overdubs. “Studio” Projects complete, Change’s “The Glow of Love” album would be released on Warner Bros/RFC records, while BBandQ‘s self-titled album would be released on Capital Records in 1981.

In 1982 BBandQ released its second album titled “All Night Long,” and for the first time, the musicians in the band were the actual musicians and writers performing on the band’s recordings. BBandQ would later go on to have chart successes with songs like “Imagination”, “Dreamer”, and “Genie”.


The year 2021 marked the 41st anniversary of the band’s first hit single, “On The Beat,” and original members Kevin Robinson, Tony Bridges, and Bernard Davis continued the band’s great musical tradition with the release of a single titled “Gotta Keep Movin’ On,” a collaboration between one of the original musical architects for the band, Davide Romani, and Kevin Robinson. The two share writers’ credit for this instant BBandQ classic.

Since 2021 BBandQ has released the following singles: “Gotta Keep Movin’ On”, “I Can’t Stop Dancing”, and “You Make My Dreams Possible.”

In early 2023, the band released its fifth LP titled, “THE Legacy,” and in February 2024, they will release a new single titled “A Season To Be Loved,” produced by Kevin Robinson for Crystal Eyes Muziek. BBandQ continues to make and perform music that is truly for all of their loyal fans

Kevin Robinson From Brooklyn, Bronx, & Queens - You Make My Dreams Possible
00:00 / 04:36
Kevin Robinson From Brooklyn, Bronx, & Queens - A Season To Be Loved
00:00 / 03:59
Kevin Robinson From Brooklyn, Bronx, & Queens - I Can't Stop Dancing
00:00 / 01:17

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